What Women Want: Comfort Beneath Their Clothes

     What do women want? That question has been pondered throughout the ages by philosophers, writers, filmmakers, single and married men alike. And while there are many answers to this eternal riddle, there is a simple truth behind the feminine desire: comfort 

     In many respects, comfort plays a key role in day-to-day living for women, whether it’s feeling comfortable with a partner, a job, a mattress or a pair of shoes. The same applies to clothing and, just as important, the undergarments that give women their preferred shape and support.

Underneath It All

     Today’s woman has a number of choices in bras, largely depending on the need for support. For women who require an underwire bra, there is often a complaint of discomfort-as well as the fear that the wire might poke through. Sixty-one percent of women complain about underwire discomfort in their bra. But a new line of intimates is helping to change all that.

     Bali Intimates’ No Poke Wire collection features an innovative spring-tipped underwire that helps alleviate poke-through, and a cushioning system that gently wraps the wire in soft layers for extra comfort. Five silhouettes create a bra wardrobe that addresses any need, in sizes ranging from 34C to 42DDD. They include:

Original-Elegant styling that provides a sleek finish under clothes.

Lined-Ultra-thin, lightly lined cups that provide excellent shaping and feature an exquisite contrasting pattern.

Lace-Lace details that add feminine styling while smooth, opaque cups eliminate show-through under clothes.

Strapless-Modern styling combined with a retro look in a satin strapless that provides incredible support.

Halter-A camisole that can be worn as innerwear or outerwear features three adjustments at the back of the neck to ensure comfort.

For more details visit our other site http://www.fashionstyleclothing.com/

5 responses to “What Women Want: Comfort Beneath Their Clothes

  1. And not to have one’s underware ride up your butt. That can be really annoying unless, of course you’re wearing a thong. Then, that’s different. 😉

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