How to Select the Right Color Clothes?

     All of us have some favorite color or the other. Whatever color we pick to wear it clearly reflects on our personality. Clothes color and personality type are the two stuffs that speak a lot about a person. Following is a list that can help you select the right colored clothes that complement both red hair and dark eyes.

•             Begin your search for the right color clothes by divorcing yourself from your favorite colors.

•             Check out the color of your hair in the mirror. Are they brown? A true red head? Or do you have dark black hair.

•             Remove all traces of makeup

•             Look at your eyes in the mirror. Do you have cat eyes? Chocolate brown eyes? Or do you have black berry eyes?

•             Know about the color of your skin. Are you fair, whitish or dark?

•             Now that you are armed with personally empowering information you can start your shopping.

     Choose ivory, tans, beige, medium browns, violet blues and golden yellow colored clothes if you have strawberry blonde or light hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion. Choose earth tones if you are have red head, golden brown eyes and whitish color skin. It’s very important that you select clothes that go well with your body outlook.

How colors affect your personality

•             The color red is a perfect choice if you want to make a distinctive fashion statement.

•             Peach and pink shades are indications of coolness and calm.

•             The color black represents power. Black can simply sail in all functions.

•             Blue is a color of warmth and trust. It’s a must for every man.

•             The color yellow portrays a feeling of anxiety and alertness of mind.

•             Green represents freshness, relaxation and calmness

•             Brow n is perfect for classy informal styling

•             Gray is a perfect indication that you are a balanced person.

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White’s Back-And Beautiful

Long a favorite warm weather color choice, white is this season’s must-have, whether you wear it head to toe or as an accessory. While some women might avoid white because of the “mess potential,” wearing it can be easy if you follow a few tips from the experts.

     Celebrity stylist Jessica Paster, who works with A-list actresses, says, “White is a refreshing change of pace from the dark colors we wear. It’s just not celebrities that can pull off wearing white, everyone can wear it, but the key is knowing how to wear it well and avoid becoming a ‘fashion don’t.’ “

     Paster offers these tips to infuse white into your wardrobe and look hot all year long:

Wear White Right

     White reflects light, so wherever you wear it, you will attract attention. Don’t accentuate parts of your body that you want to minimize by wearing white in that particular area.

     For example, if you want to hide your hips, don’t wear white pants or a skirt with a dark top because the eye will be drawn to the bottom.

     Instead, wear a white top and dark pants. Accessorize with fun metallics or bold colors.

Beat The Heat

     White dresses are both fashionable and functional for warm weather and climates and they seem to be everywhere. Buy one in a light fabric, with lace or eyelet detail to bring out your feminine side on a scorching day. To make the outfit of the moment, pair your dress with espadrilles, wedges or leather sandals.

Be Prepared

     Although white clothes are fashionable and cool, they can become messy and unflattering in an instant with one slip of the hand. One way to make sure your whites stay white is to carry Tide to Go in your purse or briefcase. It’s a portable stain remover that works instantly to remove many food and drink stains, in case of a fashion emergency.

     Whether you’re going to work, running to the grocery store or going out to dinner, wearing white can be easier than ever. As you’re out shopping for key essentials, keep in mind Paster’s tips to look effortlessly chic and stay cool all year long, no matter what the situation.

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